Lawyers Have Down Time Too

Despite the belief that lawyers are just money hungry sharks, they actually have some pretty regular down time activities just like you.

We here at trendwhore took the time to interview a few of the top lawyers around america to see what some of their favorite downtime activities are. So without further adieu here goes:


Among the many things that lawyers do, listening to music is one of the top responses.

According to criminal lawyers Chad Staples his favorite song is Justin Timerlakes Suit & Tie ( I know, i know stereotypical)

Coming in second is reading. It should be no surprise that lawyers do their share of reading but you may be a little surprised what they spend their time reading.

Kristina Amer’s, divorce lawyers extraordinaire,  favorite book of all time is actually 50 Shades of Grey…if you didn’t expect that, neither did we. When asked, “Do lawyers actually carry around physical books, or do you use ereaders?” she replied with, “I personal just downloaded a 50 Shades of Grey PDF from I can slap it on my phone and read it anywhere.”

50 shades of grey pdf

What kind of things do you do in your free time? If you take the time to list them out I’m sure you will find you are not much different than lawyers yourself.

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