When The Moon Hits Your Eye

That Vincent Moon sure gets around these days. The brain behind La Blogotheque made a trip to the USA last year to record Beirut in different settings; one video for each song on the The Flying Club Cup. Now, he has emerged again, in a big way. Seems like R.E.M., who are about to start a tour with Modest Mouse and The National, got wind of his projects with The National (finally coming out in May) & Beirut and wanted to do something similar. Over the past couple years, I’ve enjoyed seeing Vincent do all these impromtu shows with the latest and greatest on the Indie scene, which is why it’s strange to see him filming in a van with R.E.M.

At first I thought this was a very similar project, with a video per song on the album, but as I went through the videos, I noticed it’s the same song every time. Still a cool project, but can you imagine how sick everyone must have been of this song at the end? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good tune. Better than I’ve heard from R.E.M. in a while. Check out the project at…

…and while on the subject. If you liked what Mr. Moon did with Beirut, you can buy a DVD of all the videos here. (Only about $25USD, shipping included).